2016 Lighting Schedule

January 18 Martin Luther King Day Red, White, Blue
February 2 National Heart Month Red
February 5 Go Red for Women Red
February 14 Valentine's Day Red, White
February 15 President's Day Red, White, Blue
February 23 National Eating Disorders Week Blue, Green
March 10 World Kidney Day Yellow, Blue, Red
March 17 St. Patrick's Day Green
March 19 Tower Goes Dark for Earth Hour Dark
March 30 Opening Night-Cleveland International Film Festival TBD
April 4 Indians Home Opener Red, Blue
April 16 Rainbow Babies & Children Hospitals Red, Yellow, Blue
April 29 Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio Blue, Yellow
May 9 Food Allergy Awareness Week Teal
May 12 Cleveland Housing Network Green
May 14 University Hospitals 150th Anniversary Red Red
May 15 National Police Memorial Day Blue
May 20 Lupus Awareness and Put on Purple Purple
May 21 Metro Health System Teal, Green
May 27-30 Memorial Day Weekend Red, White, Blue
June 14 Flag Day Red, White, Blue
July 1-4 Independence Day Weekend Red, White, Blue
July 15-23 RNC in Cleveland Red, White, Blue
September 2-5 Labor Day Weekend Red, White, Blue
September 11 9/11 Remembrance Day Red, White, Blue
October 10 Columbus Day Green, White, Red
November 8 Election Day Red, White, Blue
November 11 Veteran's Day Red, White, Blue
November 15 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day Pink, Blue
The Color Selection Criteria
  1. The Terminal Tower lights up in support of nationally recognized charity campaigns.
  2. The Terminal Tower lights up in support of Cleveland’s sports franchises. We typically do not light up for teams that are outside of Cleveland; however we do make exception for certain events and tournaments that take place in Cleveland.
  3. The Terminal Tower lights up in support of events that drive business and income to the city or the region.
  4. The Terminal Tower lights are not politically active. We do not support social, political or religious issues or events unless it is determine that a particular issue meets other criteria requirements.
  5. The Terminal Tower lights up in support of certain events of historically significance to the city or the region.
  6. The Terminal Tower lights up in support of national and local holidays.
  7. The Terminal Tower lights strive to be inclusive and supportive of many organizations and causes. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all display requests.
  8. All requests are reviewed and given thoughtful consideration and we will try to provide a response within two weeks of the request.
  9. If a request is approved the organization will need to provide four (4) 22" x 28" professionally created signs for display at Tower City highlighting their event. The signs are subject to Terminal Tower management approval.
  10. For annual or reoccurring events the organization must request their colors each year. Having your organizations colors in one year does not guarantee that future requests will be honored.
  11. Displays are approved at the sole discretion of the management of the Terminal Tower. The management of the Terminal Tower is under no obligation to provide feedback as to why requests for lighting are approved or denied.